New Home – New Roof. What Color?

I'm trying to decide between Slate Black and Slate Gray and wanted to get your expert opinion on what will look better. I believe our HOA will only allow different variations of Gray, but I think I could make a case for Black. I have to decide in the next day or two since I'm purchasing this home and need to replace the roof ASAP. So if there is any way you could respond soon, it would be most appreciated!

Amber Manry
Henrico, VA
Product: Bellaforté Slate


Hello Ms. Manry,

I think that either the Slate Gray or Slate Black would be great choices for your new home. If you want a darker gray rather than going all the way to black take a look at the newest color being introduced to the DaVinci line – Smokey Gray. It is between Slate Gray and Slate Black and might be just the solution you need to get a dark look while meeting the HOA requirements.

Congratulations on you new home.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert