New Roof for Our Home but… What Color?

We are in the process of roof replacement on our 18 year old home. Our intention is to upgrade over our existing material (asphalt).

I have attached a couple photos of our home and hope you can help us determine a pleasing blend to coordinate to the home’s body. The current color is Sherwin Williams color: High Tea. The gutters and fascia are black. The window trim is almost a mahogany color.

While we would like some color to our roof, we don’t want an extreme contrast, or busy look as well. FYI….we have been somewhat favoring blends such as Aberdeen, Milano, Cambridge. We’re just not sure if these make sense.!?

We think the Bellaforté slate’s 12 inch format with a 12 inch exposure might look best with this home, but are listening to your recommendations as well.

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to your assistance.

Thank you for your help,
Lawrence, Kansas
Product: Bellaforte slate

Hello Mr. Byers,

What a neat home you have. I like the details and your color choices. For your roof I am recommending the Bellaforté Shake in the standard blend Abruzzo. I think this color works in well with your High Tea main color and is in keeping with your current style.

While I like the darker scheme of your home I just want to mention one detail that seems to stand out as not flowing with the entire look. That is the stonework around your steps. They seem very light against the home. Possibly it is just that they are in the sun and the rest of the home is very shaded and the two are more the same tone than they appear in the photo. I guessed that they were similar to SW Rice Grain. If this is correct, as you can see that color is in strong contrast to your main color. While some might recommend taking this color to the trim, I think it will change the look and not work for the style you are going after. Instead to soften the contrast you could consider putting some landscaping on each side of the steps so that the contrast is reduced.

Overall the home has a look I think many people will find appealing and even more so once you have your new roof installed.

I hope that helps.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Color Expert