New Roof, Old World Look…


Here is our home. We are in need of a new roof and are looking for an "old world"  type of look and feel. We are very interested in your roofing tiles and would appreciate your suggestion as to which of your products/colors would look best on our home.

Also, is there anywhere in South Orange County, CA where we can view your product? Or, a list of homes we can see?

Thank you!
Judy Crowley
South Orange County, CA
Product: Shake


Hello Mrs. Crowley,

Your home is very lovely and I think that topping it with a of the DaVinci roof will be just perfect.

I am giving you two choices to consider. I like both equally and they are similar so it will just depend on which look you prefer.

The Bellaforté Abruzzo color looks like a good choice and the shape and texture of the tiles will give you the Old World feel you are after. Alternately, the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake tile in standard blend Tahoe would give you more distinct variation in the color from tile to tile, albeit still subtle. This is still an Old World feel just a bit more refined in the shape and texture of the tiles. Both compliment your stonework, which is a nice feature of you home. 

These are my two favorites however you are lucky because you home could work with any of the warm tone brown tiles in either shake or slate.

I hope that helps you to feel confident in your decision. I'd enjoy seeing the final look and what you decided on if you have a moment to send a picture.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert