DaVinci Roofscapes Composite Roofing Products Earn CCMC Approval

ccmc_certification_markDaVinci Roofscapes has big news to share! We’ve just received our official Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC) approval on our full line of roofing products.

The approval authorizes that our company’s composite roofing products meet the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada. This includes the application of DaVinci composite roofing in both new construction and replacement projects.

Put to the Test

“Rigorous third-party testing by an organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada has provided positive results for our products, thus paving the way for their use throughout all of Canada,” says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. “We’re pleased to attain this CCMC approval so that Canadian architects and building industry professionals can confidently specify and install our composite roofing materials.”

DaVinci composite slate and synthetic shake roofing products are manufactured from a composite material made of pure resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, as well as highly-specialized fire retardant. Our state-of-the-art tiles are crafted with the greatest degree of color control and consistency. The result is an enduring roof that performs reliably and beautifully in any climate.

Lasting Beauty Achieved

Contractor: CR Custom RoofingEach DaVinci tile has been crafted to resist impact and fire, along with high winds, mold, algae, fungus and insects. The tiles also defy fading, rotting and cracking. Each composite roofing tile lives up to the look of nature, but does so without the ongoing hassles of maintenance, repairs and replacement.

“Having our innovative building construction materials approved for use throughout Canada assures that Canadians can now have access to composite roofing materials that are enduring, dependable and aesthetically pleasing,” says Roswell. “Our product is precisely engineered to specific tolerances that meet a perfect composite formula for long-lasting beauty and performance.”

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