On the Road with DaVinci’s Zach Stopyro

How would you like to spend up to 15 days a month on the road traveling for business? If you're Zach Stopyro, National Senior Technical Services Manager of DaVinci Roofscapes, you live out of a suitcase and love it!

Zach travels throughout the East Coast and Canada to provide one-on-one training for contractors and roofers using DaVinci Roofscapes sustainable roofing products. He's recently conducted training sessions for roofers throughout Alabama, New York City, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Zach's training sessions include an overview of all DaVinci lightweight roofing systems, hints that should increase the efficiency of every roofing installation project and installation demonstrations on multiple DaVinci synthetic roofing material.

"I like these individual training programs because I can answer in-depth questions visually with practical experience," says Zach. "We cover everything from nailing patterns to various flashing details and field installs. Plus I'm providing tricks on how to make the finished install look more professional and move more efficiently on the job site."

Zach specializes in meeting with companies prior to job starts, to get them ready for their DaVinci roofing experience. From talking about preferred underlayments for use with DaVinci designer roof products to tips on working with corrosion resistant decking screws for the installation of Bellaforté rake tiles, Zach can share his 25+ years of roofing experience with your team!

To schedule a free DaVinci training session for your team, contact your local DaVinci sales representative or your regional DaVinci technical services manager. We can let you know if a training class is already scheduled for your area or work to set one up especially for your team. Just visit DaVinci Roofscapes Tech Team — At Your Service! for more information.