Oops! We Forgot the Snowguards!

Kansas homeowner Brad Buscher couldn't be more pleased with his new DaVinci Roofscapes composite shake roof. After 14 years the original cedar roof shingles on his home were wearing out from a combination of old age, storm damage and natural deterioration.

"Our house was designed for a shake look on the roof, so I wanted to find a realistic shake alternative that would provide years of service to our home," says Buscher. "That search brought us to DaVinci's Bellaforté Shake simulated shake roofing tile, and we are thrilled with the choice. The roof looks great and I've recommended these lightweight roofing tiles to many people."


Unfortunately for Brad and his wife Gwen, they forgot to request snowguards at the time of the roof installation on their ranch-style home. "Kansas gets a fair amount of snow each year and we should have thought ahead, but we simply forgot to order the snowguards," says Buscher. "We're absolutely going to make the retrofit addition of the snowguards this summer before our home sees another winter."

Designed to help hold snow on your roof while helping it melt at a more even rate, snowguards can be installed on DaVinci polymer slate and shake roofs either at the time of installation or retrofitted afterwards. Snowguards are generally metal devices placed on the bottom third of the roof so as snow melts, it comes off the roof in a nice, peaceful manner (usually in the form of water), rather than all at once, which can sometimes create an avalanche effect.

"Some of our bushes got damaged this past winter with snow from the roof piling up on them," says Buscher. "I want to prevent that from happening again, so we'll be certain to contact our installer within the next few weeks to get our snowguards in place!"

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