Outdoor Inspiration From the Top — The Vineyard Look

Dreaming of picturesque outdoor spaces and have no idea where to begin? If you are looking for color inspiration as a starting point, look no further than your rooftop. There are some gorgeous roofing materials that offer a seamless look and great color that can be translated into a wonderful cohesive design for your entire outdoor space top to bottom.

DaVinci Roofscapes offer a wide array of color combinations and textures for your home. Here are some tips to pull together DaVinci’s Multi-Width Slate in Vineyard blend as your starting point for your outdoor spaces.

DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Synthetic Roofing Vineyard Blend

Vineyard slate blend is a combination of colors reminiscent of beach escapes like one would find on Martha’s Vineyard or out on the Hamptons. Establish this upscale look with a focus on comfort.

Using a soft color palette of creams, tans or buttery, soft yellows you can easily create a Vineyard inspired outdoor space you may never want to leave. Furniture in this motif should be durable with relaxed and weather-friendly materials like wicker or teak. 

Imitation Slate Color Inspiration -- Vineyard Blend

Let a lush garden or clear sky-blue pool become that extra pop of color in your space. For additional splashes of color think about adding classic stripes in blue or red to your seating cushions or sunny yellow as an end table.

Amazing Vineyard-inspired outdoor spaces can also have a bit of fun or whimsy. Consider a beautiful wicker hanging chair in either brown or crisp white. This would be appropriate for kids or adults alike and fit in with your color scheme when you add a coordinating cushion.

Imitation Slate Color Inspiration -- Vineyard Blend

Focusing on your top to bottom Vineyard-inspired look you can add a great stone bed in your color scheme. This look is best achieved with small pebbles in a carved out area of your space. It sets the tone for seating and creates a sort-of natural outdoor ‘rug’. You could translate this look into a pebbled patio if that better suits your taste.

Imitation Slate Color Inspiration -- Vineyard Blend

The Vineyard slate tile roof combined with a palette that complements the look, you can create a timeless, effortless feel that will bring you to the beach days of Summer every time you enter your outdoor space.

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