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Vertical Roof Installation

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – Look at the eight buildings that create the Smith and Mohawk Residences at the State University… Read More


Swapping Out: Choosing Synthetic Slate Tiles Over Real Slate Roof

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – When John Mastronardo purchased a 1920s English Tudor style home in the West Mount Airy section… Read More


Home Synthetic Home

MILLS RIVER, N.C. – Who imagined when children first started constructing toy houses out of plastic LEGO® pieces, that they… Read More


Solid Accessory Tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – To enhance the versatility of its Valoré Slate, Valoré Shake and multi-width product lines, DaVinci Roofscapes®… Read More


Elk Track Town Homes in Beaver Creek

Kansas City, KAN. – Roofing symmetry is one of the key goals for homes and buildings in the resort community… Read More


West Coast Homeowners Rely on Synthetic Roofing

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – Ask Emilio Ricci why he selected synthetic shake tiles to re-roof his Tahoe City, Calif. home… Read More


All About The Roof

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – Throughout the mountainous areas of Nevada and California, home designs go far beyond simplistic. They capture… Read More


Turret Packages from DaVinci Roofscapes

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – Rather than scratch their heads in frustration, architects, roofers, builders and remodelers are now embracing the… Read More


Rainbow of Roofing Colors

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – Pumpkin Patch. Blueberry Harvest. Sunset Gold. If you can visualize it, DaVinci Roofscapes® can create the… Read More


10 Years = 50 Million Roofing Tiles

DaVinci Roofscapes®, the leader in composite roofing tiles, calculates that the company has manufactured approximately 50 million roofing tiles since… Read More


High Definition Sample Boards Now Available From DaVinci Roofscapes

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – Roofing installers, remodelers and builders nationwide who are tired of lugging around heavy roofing sample boards… Read More


Keeping Your Roof Overhead

2009 Hurricane Season Starts June 1 KANSAS CITY, KAN. – When hurricane-force winds blow, it’s critical that your home’s roof… Read More

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