Patchwork Problems Not a Worry with DaVinci Imitation Slate Roofs

We've all seen them. Patched-up roofs that resemble grandma's old quilt more than they do an attractive luxury roof.

When roofing problems happen with some types of roofs — like broken or cracked slate roof tiles, insect-infested cedar roof shingles or curling asphalt shingles — there's no choice other than to patch up the problem and grimace.

We want you to know that roofs don't have to resemble an old patchwork quilt. When selecting DaVinci Roofscapes simulated slate roofing you get a 50 year roof you can depend on. No more worries about algae or mold growing on slate, or shattered slate pieces from a falling branch that have to be replaced. Impact- and fire-resistant imitation slate shingles are lightweight and durable, able to resist high winds and severe weather conditions.

Best of all, the color is blended throughout each slate alternative roof tile in the manufacturing process, so you can depend on consistency of color for decades to come. If you're considering slate roof alternatives, we invite you to consider these three outstanding synthetic slate roofing options from DaVinci:



> DaVinci Multi-Width Slate: Available in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths making it easy to create a natural, non-repeat appearance in either a straight or staggered pattern. Authentic-looking slate roof shingles can be ordered in a variety of colors or blends.

>DaVinci Single-Width Slate: Crafted using only virgin resins to guarantee a stainable roofing product, single-width tiles are available in 12" widths. This composite slate roof brings you a clean, simple design with the authentic look of natural slate.

> Bellaforté Slate: Designed with snap-fit features for each imitation slate tile that creates a built-in rain gutter, Bellaforté simulated slate roofing tiles feature a leading edge tab that secures the lightweight tiles to drastically improve wind performance. Available in a 12" tile width in a variety of colors and blends.


Which DaVinci Slate is Right for My Home? can help you select the manufactured slate tiles best suite for your home!