Poplar Hill

Our home was constructed in 1908. We’ve heard it referred to an “arts & craft” home, California home and mission style home. Anyway, we’re not sure what would look best. We recently changed the exterior colors more to brown family.

Thanks for your recommendations.

John Hoagland
Louisville, Kentucky
Product: Not sure

Dear Mr. Hoagland,

You have a lovely home. Since earthtones are colors that were traditionally used on your style home, going with a brown scheme was a good choice. I would recommend that you carry the color also onto your roof.

Historically, both shake and slate were used. In keeping with the style of your home you can go with whichever type of tiles you fancy. I like the size and style of the Bellaforté tiles but any of the products are suitable for your home.

If you prefer the slate tiles, I recommend the Cambridge blend. The variation in colors will work well with your main and trim colors plus add interest to the roof through the different tones.

If you prefer shake, I think the Espresso blend would be a nice choice. The color variations are more subtle but the shake style will add texture to the roof.

I hope that helps you to make a decision.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert