DaVinci Roofscapes: Beautiful, Durable, and Eco-Friendly

DaVinci SlateExorbitant roof maintenance costs can really dig a hole in your bank account. Added to this is the worry and stress of knowing that your roof may not be giving you the protection it should.

You won’t have this problem with DaVinci polymer roof tiles and here’s why:

  • Durable: Backed with a 50-year warranty and made from a high grade polymer, your roof will stand the test of time. As well,  you certainly won’t need to worry about roof hail damage with our Class 4 impact rating. Designed to resist winds of up to 110mph, your roof will stand up to harsh weather conditions without showing glaring signs of wear and tear.


  • Eco-friendly: DaVinci polymer roof tiles are 100% recyclable and are available in Cool Roof colors to boost energy efficiency.


  • Insect Resistant: Unlike wood that cannot withstand insect attacks, our Multi-Width, Fancy, Bellaforté and Valoré tiles do not rot and are not susceptible to insects.


  • Fire Resistant: With a Class A fire rating, your roof will safely resist fires without causing harm.


Not to mention a few added bonuses:

  • Beautiful: Yes, they are pretty to look at! Our roofs will complement all the fixtures and fittings of your home or building without being burdensome on the structure. They blend well in any community setting whether with modern or older architecture.


  • Flexible Coloring: We have 49 standard colors and also give you the option to send us your own color. This makes it easy to align your decor, building or renovation plans with what works best for you.


  • Easy to Install: With our easy to follow installation guides, any professional roofer can install DaVinci tiles.


DaVinci takes pride in our composite roofing products and we’re confident with our roofing tiles many features, you really can’t go wrong .

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