Ranch Home Remodel… What Do You Suggest?

I am remodeling a home that is a ranch. It will have cream stucco/brick and sage green shutters. What would you suggest?

K Greene
Denver, CO
Product: Bellaforté Slate


Hi M/M Greene,

With your cream stucco/brick and sage green shutters you may want to also carry a green onto the roof. You could go with the Bellaforté Slate Verde standard blend. This color roof blends beautifully into the natural green of the landscape and the green of the landscaping places the focus on moving your eye to the main body of the home, windows and front door. While the Verde blend can work on any style home I especially like it on a ranch style for these reasons.

Other options would include warm tones of brown or gray. Slate Gray or Cambridge blends would both be good choices. I would steer you away from cooler gray tones or a dark roof such as slate black. Cooler tones would not create a cohesive look with you main body color and a roof that is too dark will feel like it overwhelms or is too heavy on a ranch.

I hope that helps you with a few ideas that could work on your home.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert