Realistic-Looking Composite Shake Roofs Ease Homeowner Worries

If you love the look of cedar shake roofing, there’s no reason to shy away from it. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an existing shake roof, DaVinci Roofscapes has the answers with our wide variety of realistic-looking composite shake roofing tiles.

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Many people select our Multi-Width Shake, giving them the authentic look of rough-hewn, hand-split cedar shake with randomly-staggered overlaps. Others prefer the tidy and uniform appearance of our Single-Width Shake products. Still others are enticed by Bellaforté Shake. This intelligent tile design simulates a Multi-Width look on standardized 12” tiles, reducing material costs and simplifying installations.

Shaking up Roofs

composite shake shingles cedar shake roofingDaVinci Multi-Width Shake: DaVinci Multi-Width Shake shingles recall the craftsmanship and authenticity of natural, hand-split cedar shakes. But, with our composite shakes you gain the advantages of color stability and a lifetime limited warranty. Plus, these deep-grained multiple-width tiles are available in nine standard color blends (plus our new Nature Crafted Collection) to provide you with a realistic cedar shake appearance.

Our DaVinci Multi-Width Shake is reminiscent of natural cedar shake roofing with a deep-grained surface reflecting natural cedar roofing. The tiles are available in 9″, 8″, 7″, 6″ and 4″ widths that can be installed in a non-repeating fashion in either a straight or staggered pattern. And, a deep 5/8″ profile has both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend to create enviable shadow lines.

composite shake shingles cedar shakeDaVinci Single-Width Shake: The Single-Width composite shake option from DaVinci delivers the varied textures and natural visual shifts in color and shading that occur with real, hand-split cedar. The single tile size can be installed in a staggered pattern or straight pattern to meet your visual roof desires. Realistic color choices make Single-Width composite shake tiles a natural fit for your home.

Forget the worries of fire, wind and rain with our durable Single-Width roofing tiles. These 9″ shake alternative tiles resemble hand-split cedar shake roofing. The 5/8″ profile deepens shadow lines to replicate real cedar roofing.

composite shake shingles cedar shakeBellaforté Shake: It’s the little things that make Bellaforté Shake such a remarkable product. The staggered edges, color variation and dramatic shadows all contribute to a truly realistic look. Streamlined, time-saving installation and a wide selection of color options all make Bellaforté a winning composite shake choice for a home.

Designed with a snap-fit tile that creates a built-in rain gutter, Bellaforté simulated shake roofing tiles feature a leading edge tab that secures every tile to drastically improve wind performance. The 12″ tile width with multiple profiles simulates a multi-width, staggered rough hewn wood shake. And, at 1″ average tile thickness, Bellaforté Shake designer roof tiles are reminiscent of natural jumbo shakes.

Leave it to DaVinci

It’s no wonder people are drawn to the timeless good looks of cedar roof shingles. The allure for shake roofing is unmistakable.

At DaVinci, we made a good thing better. Our composite shake shingles resist fading, rotting, cracking and pests. The durable roofing tiles stand up to wind, hail and fire. All this, so you get to enjoy the roof over your home without worrying about it. A DaVinci composite shake roof lives up to the look of nature, but does so without the ongoing maintenance, repairs and replacement hassles of real cedar shake.

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Whether you’re replacing an old, rotted shake roof on an existing home or looking for the crowning touch on your new construction project … just leave it to DaVinci. Our commitment to creating durable, beautiful roofing tiles is unparalleled. You won’t find a more realistic or better-performing shake roofing product anywhere.

Built to Perform

If you love the look of cedar shake, there’s no reason to shy away from it. While natural cedar shakes lack in long-term performance and aesthetic appeal, composite shake tiles won’t let you down.

And, with DaVinci composite shakes, you get the peace-of-mind of knowing that DaVinci tiles are built to perform. Each composite shake tile has:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approval
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved

Better than Mother Nature

Unfortunately, the long-hailed performance attributes of cedar shake have disappeared along with old-growth trees. Rotting, cracking and curling is inevitable. In most climates, cedar shake has a lifespan comparable to (or even less than) asphalt. DaVinci composite tiles give you the look you love with superior durability for a lifetime.

Our composite shake shingles are known to be virtually maintenance free. They resist cracking, curling and splitting that are problems with real shakes. Another problem our tiles don’t have to face is color resistance. When natural shake shingles start out, they’re usually a bright orange and then fade rapidly to a grayish color. With our tiles you have the choice right from the start to select the color your want. And, because our products are color fade resistant, the color you choose is the color your roof will have for years to come.


Crafted using only virgin resins to guarantee a sustainable roofing product, all DaVinci composite shake roofing materials are 100% recyclable. Because our shingles are made of engineered polymer, they are impervious to freeze/thaw cycles, whereas natural shake naturally expands and contracts, opening it up to all sorts of issues freeze/thaw issues.

We’re so confident in the performance of our DaVinci Shake composite roofing tiles that we offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty … to give you coverage you can count on.

What Homeowners are Saying

We make it easy to gain insights into what homeowners think about their DaVinci composite shake roofing projects. Here is just a sampling of stories we’d like to share:

  • For Dave and Jeannie Schwab, the effort of cleaning and applying shake oil to their massive real cedar shake roof every five years or so eventually wore them down. They loved the look of shake on their home, but hated the maintenance aspects. So they shopped for a new composite shake for their home and matching potting shed — and decided on DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roofing in a Mountain blend.
  • Most people would be envious of Robbin Torrey’s home with sweeping ocean views. The one blemish in her ideal home … the original 51-year-old redwood shake tiles that were falling offer her roof. After doing her research, Torrey replaced her deteriorating roof with Multi-Width Shake from DaVinci Roofscapes in a Mountain blend color.
  • Fire.  A homeowner’s worst nightmare. It happened recently to the Matthews family when a chimney fire caused by hot embers and ash got through the spark arrestor and ignited the dry, combustible cedar shake roofing at the top of the chimney. Quick response by the fire department limited the damage, but a new roof was needed. The family chose a fire-resistant Bellaforté Shake roof from DaVinci Roofscapes in Mountain.
  • Florida residents Mary and Larry Anderson had just completed an exciting project: a new 9,000-square-foot waterfront house in Jupiter, Florida. Then Hurricane Irma came knocking at their door. The Bellaforté Shake roof installed on the sprawling waterfront home (which encompasses 12,000-square-feet when considering the porches and breezeways) stood up to the storm with no damage.
  • The uncertainty of Springtime weather in the South can cause concern, stress and headaches for many homeowners. The Cate family eliminated their weather-related anxieties by investing in an impact-resistant Bellaforté Shake. The Lifetime Limited Warranty package offered by DaVinci Roofscapes brings peace-of-mind to the homeowners year-round.