Red Roofs Popular on Spanish Mission Style Homes

Back in the early 1900s the American movie industry first started glamorizing eclectic Spanish architectural styles. Since that time homeowners across America have gravitated to the Hollywood versions of Spanish Mission style homes.

Designer RoofKnown for their strong Latin influence, older Spanish-style homes were generally built with thick stucco walls and clay tile roofs.

"Toned down and neutral colors reminiscent of sand, wood and clay work well on this style of home," says Kate Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color. "The exception is the roof. These homes boast warm red tile roofs or orangey combinations of faux slate roofs. The terracotta and clay color shades in the Sonora blend of composite roofing colors from DaVinci Roofscapes are the perfect accent colors for a Spanish-style home."

To complement the Spanish-style home exterior, Smith recommends in her free e-book, FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior, to start by first selecting the polymer slate roof color and then working down to select other exterior colors.

"A color scheme of a Sonora roof blend of synthetic slate roof shingles looks great with window frames in a milky off-white and a door in a green tea leaf color," says Smith. "Then the exterior can be a lighter version of the door color in a pale grayish-green. This color combination connects with nature and creates a classic Spanish-style home."