Research Your Designer Roof Options

Remember forts made of blankets and chairs in the living room? Today your fort has a real roof overhead and needs more care. That's why most homeowners take the time to do their research before selecting a replacement roof.

Lifetime RoofWhere and how do you research a new roof? You can start by looking at roofing options on the Internet, in home improvement publications and by talking to the experts — roofers and builders in your area.

Don't forget to ask your friends, family and neighbors about roofing on their homes that you like. You may be drawn to a style of roof (like a slate or shake look), to a color, or to your friends bragging about their low-maintenance roof.

We thought it might be helpful to hear from some homeowners that did their research and selected DaVinci Roofscapes for their homes. So, here are some insights from people who were once in your shoes trying to make a roofing decision:



“We looked into many options when deciding to replace the asphalt shingle roof on our home. Our research brought us to the DaVinci Roofscapes web site. The Bellaforté roof that’s now on our house is absolutely beautiful — it’s the icing on the cake for our ranch-style home.” Kathy Bradshaw

"We did our research and DaVinci Roofscapes offered the most realistic alternative to natural cedar shakes. Our community started offering DaVinci products three years ago as an option for homeowners looking for replacement roofing. After the microburst in April, that interest level quickly accelerated and now there are at least 10 homes ready to commit to the DaVinci polymer tiles to replace their destroyed cement tile roofs." Dee Manning

"I have zero regrets about selecting the Bellaforté Slate roof. The European-VariBlend of four different shades of grays and purple looks very authentic to natural slate. This roof has given new life to our home and I have peace-of-mind because there's a lifetime limited materials warranty backing up our new roof. We just had three straight days of rain and it's completely dry in our attic. I couldn't be happier!" Julie Beck