Roof and Siding Color Help Needed

I would like help deciding which roof color and siding combination to use to add curb appeal to this house. I have extensive landscaping to do so that may help.

The house was a foreclosure and I have completely remodeled the basement and the upstairs. It is located in a very nice neighborhood with many homes near the $200,000 dollar range. This ranch home doesn't look like it belongs in this area so I am trying to give it some curb appeal. I have a brand new bathroom and kitchen from the floor up so I would like the outside to look like a million bucks also. Thank you for your time.

Davenport, IA


Hi Dave,

It sounds like you have already done a great deal to improve your home. I bet it looks so much nicer. Now let's turn the attention on your exterior.

I'm not sure what you mean exactly by this home not fitting in but I think you may mean that the home is smaller or ranch among two-story homes. Either way my thought is to go with slate tiles to give the home a more stately look. Shake could work too but I was thinking that slate might be more what you would see on other homes and this could help add an element that allows the home to fit in a bit better.

As for color, the choices are wide open. I like the variety in color and size of the Multi-Width Slate in Castle Gray blend or the larger size of Bellaforté Slate in Villa blend. It just depends on whether you like a more even look or find the mixed sizes more appealing. I think the profile of the Valoré is to close to the width of your siding and will make the home look longer rather than taller, which is not needed on a ranch like yours.

Of course as I said the color range is wide open and I don't see a color that wouldn't work. I would just stay away from anything that is very dark because it will look too heavy not the home but other than that, whatever you like should work.

You could improved the overall look by changing to a nicer front door or, at the very least, adding color to the existing front door. The best choice would be to match the shutter color. I think you should go as dark or darker as the color you have now. The color with a gray roof can be just about any color family you like.

It looks like they are green now so just to seem like you are making a change I would go with something else, possibly a barn red or burgundy so that the change is noticeable plus that is a classic combination with the gray roof. If you go with another roof color find a color that harmonized but is still darker or more intense in color than the roof color.

Leave the color of the garage door matching the siding color. Right now it looks unpainted and like a slightly different color.

Landscaping will also go a long way in creating curb appeal and can help anchor the home to your property

I hope that gets you started in your exterior improvement project.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Color Expert