Roof Color- New Construction- French Country

Needing help picking a color- probably between cambridge and milano.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is new construction, so we don't have photos- but it will be a French Country style- arches on windows with shutters, stucco with a stone wainscot. The window cladding will be a darker bronze color.

We have not yet picked out stucco and stone color.

Brad Jones
Bellaforté Slate


Hello Mr. Jones,

It sounds like your French Country home is going to be just lovely and I do know how many decisions you will be making as you select your materials. Let me give you a few thoughts that might help.

Select materials for the elements of your exterior that will not change often (if ever) that have a common color or what is called colorcast for materials like roofing, stone, brick, etc. I wrote a blog post about colorcast that I think you will find helpful.

As you can start to see the roof and stone will set the tone for the colors on the rest of your home. Dark bronze on your windows could work with either the European VariBlend (formerly called Milano) or Brownstone VariBlend (formerly called Cambridge). What it will come down to is if the stone you prefer is more gray or more brown. Once you find the stone you love selecting the roof will be easier since you'll know what color you are looking for.

From there the other colors will start to fall into place as well. If you haven't already downloaded the free ebooks I think you would find them helpful, too. If gives you an order for selecting your colors that can help you to know what decisions you have to make first in order to create a cohesive exterior.

I hope that helps and that you will share a picture of your finished home. I bet is is going to be just beautiful.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert