Roofers: Look Here for Easy Installation

Let’s face it, being a roofer is not an easy job. There’s lots of lifting, balancing on different roof angles and constant bending to nail individual roofing tiles in place. The talented people doing this physical job need a break whenever possible — and DaVinci Roofscapes is offering that break.

From pre-collated bundles that arrive at the job site ready for installation to the self-aligning and interlocking tabs on our Bellaforté tiles, we’re making it fast and easy for roofers to get their jobs done.

Don’t take our word for it … listen to what roofers across America are saying about the ease of installing DaVinci products on the job site!

Heiland Roofing“The Bellaforté product was east to install and is a great, cost-effective option for homeowners looking to protect their homes with a durable, aesthetically-pleasing roofing product.”

–Donny Dewey, Superior Roofing of Oklahoma


“Our crews like the DaVinci product because it is relatively lightweight which makes it easier and safer to handle during the installation process. The fact that DaVinci is easy to handle and install means higher productivity for contractors and their crew. This allows each project to be completed in a timely manner which is always a ‘win’ for homeowners so they can return to their normal daily routines under the confidence of a beautiful new DaVinci roof!”

–Todd Knight, Dynasty Roofing in Texas


“The DaVinci products are very installer friendly. They’re lightweight, easy to cut and walk on. we save time and money on the jobsite for the homeowner by installing these sustainable roofing tiles.”

–Mike Heiland, Heiland Roofing in Kansas


“The simplicity of installation, the quality of the synthetic tiles, the manufacturer’s warranty and the outstanding finished look of the roof all make our DaVinci projects exceptional.”

–Dave Neddeff, Sun Catcher Roofing in Florida


“The installation of DaVinci products is easy for a well-experienced/attention-to-details roofer. Flashing details around skylights and other roof penetrations is much like that on a traditional cedar shake or tile roof.”

–Caleb Friesen, CR Custom Roofing, Inc. in Victoria, British Columbia