Roofers Keep Working in Frigid Temps

Add another layer … it's time to get serious about installing roofing systems in cold weather.

Along with adding extra layers to help protect you from the frigid temperatures coming our way, you also need to understand there are some special steps to take when installing composite roofing when the temperatures dip. At DaVinci Roofscapes, we'd like to offer you these tips:

polymer r oof– Acclimation is your friend. Don't leave a caulking tube outside overnight and expect it to work the next morning … it will freeze! So, keep your supplies (including self-adhering membranes, caulk and other items) in a warm environment before using to get maximum efficiency and fewer headaches.

– Keep your DaVinci composite roofing tiles lying flat before installation in cold weather. Luckily DaVinci polymer slate and synthetic shake tiles can be installed in temperatures as cold as 20 degrees F (which makes you cold, but allows you to keep working!).

– During winter installations, make certain there's a minimum of 3/16" space between tiles.

– Using a pneumatic roofing nail gun to speed up your installation? That's great, but make sure to adjust the pressure in colder weather. It shouldn't be set too high.

– Watch out for "black ice" on ladders and on the roof. Even light moisture can freeze up and make being a roofer in the winter months potentially dangerous.

– Need to keep your hands nimble for the installations? Invest in disposable HotHands hand warmers. Slip them in your gloves (or your shoes for that matter!) for eight hours of toasty warmth.

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