Roofing 101: Up on the Roof

Sure you know that there's a roof over your head to protect your home from severe weather, but have you ever really thought about what goes into creating that roof?

Here's a look at what is really happening on your roof … and why it's important to understand your roof.

First of all, a roof starts with decking, which is the solid base that covers the framing of your home. To this decking, flashings are added, followed by self-adhered membrane and 30-pound felt. All of these items are put in place to help protect the deck and provide a waterproof surface before the roofing tiles are added.

When it's time to start installing the slate roof tiles or cedar roof shingles, the first course is always the "starter course" that goes along the eave. Once these are installed, then the field tiles (the majority of the roof) are put in place. In some geographic areas, where snowfall is prevalent, snowguards are also installed at the same time. Finally, the field tiles are topped off with hip or ridge tiles.

When it comes to roof installations, the more varied the roof elevations, the trickier installation can be. For example, a simple "A" frame roof on a mountain retreat would be fairly easy to install, but a home with multiple dormer windows and lots of "nooks and crannies" becomes more challenging and time-consuming to roof.

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