Roofing Tile Color To Compliment Stone Siding

Whether it highlights your entrance or anchors your home to the landscape, when your home exterior features natural stone you will want to show it off by choosing a roofing tile that compliments the colors in your stone.  

Is your stone predominately gray, brown, peach, etc? Once you identify the main color look for roofing tiles in a color or color blend that include this same color. By using consistent colors in fixed features such as your roof and stone, each element will visually blend in a pleasing way.

Using my FRESH approach for selecting exterior colors I have chosen the colors of Bellaforté imitation slate tiles that I would recommend for each of these stone features.  As you look at each pair notice how the roofing color and stone color harmonize.
Bellaforte Sedona is the perfect color sustainable roofing for this stone
Bellaforté Sedona brings out the terra cotta in Caramel
Bellaforte Slate Gray Roofing Tiles
Bellaforté Slate Gray accentuates the depth and contrast of Kapulua.
Bellaforte Cambridge
Toscana and Bellaforté Cambridge Standard Blend seem to have been made for each other.
Bellaforte Villa Gray Roofing Tile
Even the basic gray of Whitewater is enhanced when paired with Bellaforté Villa Standard Blend.

Now using this same thinking find a roofing tile to compliment your stone exterior using the DaVinci Color Studio tool to select a standard blend or customize a color that is just right for your home.

Kate Smith
Color Expert Kate Smith lends her expertise to DaVinci Roofscapes; a company that has manufactured award-winning synthetic slate and shake roofing since 1999. The polymer roofing tiles are virtually maintenance free and far more cost effective than the natural product. DaVinci leads the industry in tile thickness, the tile width variety and the greatest selection of subtle earth-toned colors. Company products have a 50-year warranty and are 100 percent recyclable.