Rustic vs Clean Shakes – Which DaVinci Profile Fits Your Style?

DaVici ShakeWhen it comes to cedar shake roofing, you can get rustic hand split shakes or you can get the clean look of machine sawn shakes.

In an effort to offer a true cedar shake alternative, we offer both the hand split shakes and the machine sawn shakes to meet our customer's needs.

We offer 3 profiles that mimic the rustic look of hand-split shakes:

  • Multi-Width DaVinci Shake: Features both wavy and straight grains throughout, 5/8" profile, multiple tile widths.
  • Valoré Shake:  Features a consistent 9" single width and 5/8" profile  for a clean look.
  • Bellaforté Shake: 12-inch tiles feature multiple profiles that create a staggered appearance and the 1" profile resemble jumbo shakes.


These profiles have more of a natural shake appearance as represented in the right. This is our Multi-Width Shake profile in Autumn Blend. These shakes feature a deep-grained texture and a variety of widths.

DaVinci SHake We also offer machine sawn shakes with our Fancy Shake product. These tiles look more like the shingles you would see on the side of a home, for example. And you can tell that they don't have nearly the depth of texture that the hand split look ones have.

Certain architectural styles call for certain shake profiles, so we offer both to fit your roof's needs. For example, we have found that our hand split shakes are more popular in mountain areas, whereas the machine sawn ones are more commonly used on the East coast.

Do you have a DaVinci Shake roof?  Which profile of our shakes do you have?