See How The Many Colors of Pumpkins Inspire Exterior Color Schemes

There are so many reasons I love Autumn. The colors of the fall foliage, ripe red apples, Indian corn and of course pumpkins. Seeing a patch filled with bright orange pumpkins is a cheerful sight that I look forward to but in the past few years, a few other colors have elbowed their way into the patch and found their way into my heart.

Brown, white, red and even blue skinned beauties join orange as options for fall decorating. I’ve been enchanted by the luscious combinations of colors found in the skin and flesh of the many new varieties available. They are so lovely that they have inspired me to think about how I might use these color schemes to help you choose a new look for your exterior.

Traditional orange pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

The bright orange of a traditional pumpkin doesn’t often work for an entire exterior, but it is a warm inviting color for a front door and window frames.

Blue pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

Of all the non-traditional colors for pumpkins, blue seems to be the most unexpected. Take your color cue from the blue skin and rich orange flesh of the Jarrahdale pumpkin. The blue on the front door against the red-orange bricks creates a perfect complementary scheme.

Brown pumpkin inspired color scheme

The Musquee de Provence Pumpkin is a favorite among those with an eye for color. This beautiful heirloom from the South of France is green when immature, and then the skin turns a lovely rich blend of browns when fully ripe. The variations of the browns are much the same as one of my favorite DaVinci Roofscapes standard blends — Autumn.

Tan pattern pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

The Galeux D’Eysines is another heirloom pumpkin and its name translates as “embroidered with warts from Eysines”, a small town in southwest France. Its color and texture might inspire an analogous color scheme of warm golden hues with the front door, painted in a rich, spicy orange of Benjamin Moore Etruscan AF-355.

Red pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

It has been said that Cinderella’s carriage was fashioned after the Rouge Vif d’Estampes pumpkin and that the roof of her castle was covered in Bellaforté by DaVinci Imitation Slate in the standard blend Sedona.

White pumpkin inspired exterior color scheme

Coming on the scene only a dozen years ago, naturally white pumpkin, once an oddity found only at farmers’ markets, are now making their way into more and more homes and becoming an autumn favorite. The combination of white with stem green and bright orange as accent colors is perfect on this home in Austin, TX.

Mother Nature is a true expert when it comes to putting colors together. All you have to do is harvest one of her pumpkin-inspired combinations to add the beauty of Fall to your home year round.