Sick of Cedar Shakes

It doesn’t take much to fall “out of love” with a product you thought would be great for your home long-term.

Broken sprinkler heads on a lawn irrigation system. Windows that let in moisture and continually fog up. An entry door that never closes “just right” so you’re always feeling chilly drafts.

Real cedar shake roofing falls into that same category.  While a wood shake roof may look good when it’s first installed, it doesn’t take long to fall out of love with it. Why? Because real cedar shakes can deteriorate quickly. They welcome bug infestations and the shakes can warp and curl. All of which mean constant maintenance headaches.

If you want to stay in love with a cedar roof, make the smart choice and select composite shake roofing. Made of fire- and impact-resistant polymers, simulated shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes resists insects, warping and curling … and it doesn’t fade like real cedar shake roofing.

Designer Roof
At DaVinci, we offer you four different synthetic shake roofing options to perfectly complement your home …and your wallet:

> DaVinci Multi-Width Shake: Available in 9″, 8″, 7″, 6″ and 4″ widths that can be installed in a non-repeating fashion in either a straight or staggered pattern. A deep 5/8″ profile has both wavy and straight grains throughout the blend to create enviable shadow lines.

> DaVinci Single-Width Shake: 9″ shake alternative tiles resemble hand-split cedar shake roofing. The 5/8″ profile deepens shadow lines replicate real cedar roofing.

> Bellaforté Shake: The 12″ tile width with multiple profiles simulates a multi-width, staggered rough hewn wood shake. And, at 1″ average tile thickness, Bellaforté Shake designer roof tiles are reminiscent of natural jumbo shakes.

> Fancy Shake: With a clean, smooth look replicating machine-sawn shake, these 7/16″ thick shake shingles provide a polished beauty for your roof. Available in 12″, 7″ and 5″ widths with bundles arriving at the job site pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating on-site sorting and guesswork.

Polymer Shake Roofing
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