Slate: Mother Nature Versus Man-Made

Real quarried slate has many uses: flooring, chalkboards, signage, and of course, slate roofs.

Slate RoofThe benefit of real slate as a natural product is its beauty. For roofing applications, that's where the benefits stop.

Known to be heavy and brittle, real slate requires extra support on roofing structures to carry its extensive weight. Slate can be hard to install, time-consuming to collate with colors and sizes on the job site, and most importantly, expensive.

Now, think about polymer slate tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes. They have just one use: roofing. But, they have so many benefits: impact-resistance, lightweight, durable and resistant to cracking.

We manufacture Multi-Width, Single-Width and Bellaforté Slate tiles in 50 colors, giving you more options than Mother Nature provides in real slate. Plus, DaVinci offers collated color blends to give you different shading and color combination options — something nature can't do. And, if you're looking for a custom color in a synthetic slate roof tile to match the fur of your favorite dog or even in a tropical blend, we can do that too.

Maintenance-free simulated slate roofing from DaVinci does not require inspection or repair … and it's backed by a lifetime limited warranty.  (See Polymer Slate – How Does It Compare to the Real Thing?)

Weigh the options …and the tiles. You'll find that lightweight roofing tiles from DaVinci beat out heavy slate shingles from Mother Nature every time!