So Many Roofing Options – How Do I Choose?

DaVinci Slate TilesFinding the right roofing material and type can be a challenge when you have many options to choose from.

Are you looking for a new roof? Slate? Shake? Sustainable roofing?

You’re in luck – our website is carefully organized to make it easy to locate the information that is most important to you. With the technical specifications menu you are able to see the characteristics of each of our products and better assess how their respective performance can meet your needs. We also have the DaVinci Color Studio on our website that allows you to see just how your slate or shake colors will look and discuss the many options with your contractor of choice. If you don’t have a contractor, we can help. Simply complete the online form and we do the rest.

DaVinci ShakeDaVinci also has a YouTube channel where you can get more information about the types of lightweight roofing systems we manufacture. The videos also show the certification testing that our products undergo to give you the highest quality and safest options on the market.

You can also learn more about the best color to choose for your roofing project by watching the YouTube videos or reading the information on our website that our color specialist Kate has complied to share with you.  Read the many customer reviews of the people that are proud to have been DaVinci’s clients and you will see that our roofing materials are made with the highest standards.

Need further help still?  We can help – just give us a call.  1-800-328-4624