Stainless Steel Nails

DaVinci Roofscapes recommends the use of copper, stainless steel, or hot-dipped galvanized nails when installing DaVinci steep slope roofing tiles. The reason for the recommendation is that we expect our tiles to last for a very long time and we don’t want the fasteners to rust, become ineffective, and be the mode of failure of the roofing system.

A common form of nail for roofing not mentioned above are EG (electro galvanized) nails.  As a roofer I have seen EG nails and staples rust and lose their head or crown in 20 year or less. Admittdly I have seen these failures  in areas where there are periods of high humidity and moisture. While we know that it is oxygen that causes rust, without the addition of moisture, enough rust to cause nail  failure will take a long time.

Generally, DaVinci believes that stainless steel nails are the best fasteners for our luxury roof products. They can be gun driven and they will last a very long time.  We realize however that there are climatic regions where nail corrosion is not a factor in the long-term performance of the roof system. Therefore DaVinci Roofscapes allows the use of electro-galvanized nails and will support the DaVinci Limited Fifty-year Warranty when EG nails are part of the system. The exception to that is if the nails fail, any portion of the warranty associated with wind performance would be void.