Straight Coursing or Staggered Coursing? Which One Should I Choose?

So you have decided to purchase DaVinci synthetic slate roof tiles or our simulated shake roofing. The next question is how do you want them installed – in a straight pattern or a staggered pattern?

In this post, we will show you the differences between straight coursing and staggered coursing installations.

Here are a few factors that could influence your choice:

    • The style of the home: While the staggered pattern is suitable for some homes, others may look better with straight patterns. Colonial style homes, for example, tend to have straight coursings.


    • Budget: Straight coursing is usually less expensive than staggered because a staggered coursing requires more shingles than a straight coursing. So this can be an important factor that could influence your decision.


    • Preference: In some cases it is simply a matter of preference. Some people like it straight. Others like it staggered. If you would like to learn about straight or staggered coursing or our other roofing materials, feel free to contact us.


It’s important to know that our Bellaforté tiles cannot be staggered. So, Bellaforté Slate will have a straight coursing appearance but, Bellaforté Shake is designed to have a staggered appearance. DaVinci Multi-width Slate and Shake, single-widthSlate and Shake and Fancy Shake can all be installed in a staggered coursing.
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