Street of Synthetic Slate Roofs

Stroll down Settlement Way in Mckinney, Texas and you’ll be stunned at how many synthetic slate roofs you see. Two? Three? Four? Definitely more.

That’s because the team at MK Custom Roofing has been hard at work installing Bellaforté Slate roofs in this neighborhood.

Synthetic slate roofs mk custom roofing Synthetic slate roofs mk custom roofing Synthetic slate roofs mk custom roofing

“Overall I’d say we’ve installed about 100 DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic slate roofs over the past three years,” says Andy Harvey, vice president of operations with MK Custom Roofing out of Fort Worth, Texas. “Many of those homes are on Settlement Way … but you’ll really find them spread out throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.”

Price vs. Value

MK Custom Roofing primarily focuses on new construction roofing projects — lots of them. The company can do between 60 and 80 roof installations a week, mostly with composition shingles.

“When our customers are looking for synthetic slate, DaVinci is the only company we recommend,” says Harvey. “We’ve found that, with the Bellaforté product especially, for the price versus perceived value it’s a great choice.

“The Bellaforté product has a lot of curb appeal. It looks like authentic slate, but the pricing is nowhere near the cost of real slate.”

The team at DaVinci Roofscapes relates that the inspired engineering of Bellaforté makes uncommon beauty considerably more attainable. Its innovative design requires less overlap of tiles, reducing waste and cost. That makes it a stylish upgrade that won’t bust the budget.

After a Storm

For re-roofing projects with DaVinci synthetic slate products, the appeal for many homeowners comes following a storm. After surviving a severe hail storm that destroys a roof, or high winds that rip shingles off roofs, homeowners are ready to make the investment in DaVinci.

Impact-, fire- and high wind resistant DaVinci composite roofing tiles are ideal for the sometimes harsh Texas weather conditions. The thick, durable roofing tiles can withstand gales of up to 110 mph. Even in the most demanding Texas weather situations, the composite roofing tiles resist hail along with Mother Nature’s powerful sun rays.

Synthetic slate roofs mk custom roofing

“We keep coming back to DaVinci for the great product, service and warranty,” says Harvey. “When you’re doing as many roofs each week as we are, you see and appreciate quality products. And we definitely recommend DaVinci for peace-of-mind and beauty.”

Designed to reduce material costs, Bellaforté puts the look of slate within reach for homeowners. The premium aesthetics and performance of DaVinci tiles far surpass that of asphalt shingles. With DaVinci Bellaforté, the look of slate may be more affordable than you think.