Summertime Forecast: Snowguards!

Oh, how quickly we forget.

Just a few months ago a majority of the country was digging out from record snowfalls … and now we're basking in the sunshine.

snowguardDon't let sizzling summer weather dull the memory of winter snowstorms. Now is the time to have snowguards retrofitted to your existing synthetic roofing material … long before they're needed when the snow starts to fall again this coming winter.

Snowguards act as "breaking barriers" as snow melts and slides off the roof. Rather than experiencing an avalanche of snow that comes down all at one time and can harm landscaping and block doorways, snowguards help regulate the release of snow from your polymer roof tiles.

If you have DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing and your home doesn't currently have snowguards, contact a professional roofer to have them installed (see Prepping Your Composite Roof for Winter Weather). Even though you're sipping icy lemonade right now, you'll thank yourself in a few months when there's a cup of hot chocolate in your hand and snow coming down from the sky!