Talking with Aaron Adams

For the past four years Aaron Adams has seen hundreds of DaVinci Roofscapes projects firsthand. In his role as Central Region Manager for DaVinci, Aaron routinely travels from Texas to Wisconsin to New Mexico (and all states in between!) to support the needs of polymer roofing customers for DaVinci.

Q: In your travels, what do you see as the “mood” of roofers during the past few months?
A: Overall the mood is positive. The demand for good installation crews is up, which is a good indicator of the market being on the rise.

Q: Bad weather has kicked in early this year in your region. How are DaVinci synthetic shake and slate alternative roofs holding up?

A: Omaha, Oklahoma City and the Dallas/Fort Worth areas have all seen significant storms so far this season. Fortunately all our longtime contractors have reports that the DaVinci sustainable roofing tiles they have previously installed have weathered the storms well. Now those same roofers are selling even more of our lightweight roofing systems to homes that need new roofs after those storms.

Q: What are some upcoming commercial projects in your region that will use composite roofing from DaVinci?

A: There are two great ones in Illinois I’m excited about. The Garlands is a long-term assisted living facility in Barrington that’s going to have Single-Width Slate roof tiles in a custom blend. In Mettawa there’s an equestrian training facility at Always Faithful Stables. They’re also getting the Single-Width Slate roof shingles.

Q: If you had to pick a favorite DaVinci roofing project in your marketplace, which would it be?

A: Definitely the Dayton VA Church. I think that’s a great example of how our imitation slate tiles can be used to restore the aesthetic integrity of a historic building. (See Contractors Go to Church with DaVinci Roofscapes)