DaVinci Roofscapes -1 … Mother Nature – 0

Sometimes the best way to share information, is to proudly offer a list. That’s what we’re doing today with this blog posting.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we know it’s important to provide you with a reliable lightweight roofing system. Don’t be fooled though, even though our polymer shake and slate tiles are lightweight tiles, they’re extremely durable. So, here’s the impressive list of what our simulated shake and slate products have achieved:

All DaVinci products:

  • are Class 4 impact rated, meeting the UL 2218 Impact Test (tested by Intertek)
  • are rated Class A for fire retardance in the ASTME E 108 fire test
  • have the highest ratings for straight line wind testing at 110 mph in the ASTM D3161 test (same as UL 997 Wind Uplift)
  • passed the TAS-125 certification test for wind uplift resistance in High Velocity Hurricane Zones
  • passed the TAS-100 certification test for wind driven rain
  • tested in accelerated weathering in accordance with ASTM G 26 for 4,500 hours. The average loss in tensile strength was 2.6%. According to people in the weathering business this accelerated exposure is equivalent to many months or even years of actual exposure
  • passed the freeze-thaw ICC-ES Test (Acceptance Criteria AC07, section 4.9) with exposure to temperatures from -40 F to 180 F in 22 hour cycles for approximately a month
  • passed the ASTM D 3462 nail pull through resistance at 32 F and 72 F test
  • have the following Building Code Approvals: ICC-ES ESR-2119, Miami Dade County, FL (see product pages for NOA number), and TDI


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