The #1 Challenge People Face When Picking Colors For Their Home Exterior

Over the years I’ve spoken to hundreds of homeowners about why they find selecting colors for their home so challenging and it always seems to come down to just a handful of reasons. Of these, one is by far the reason I hear most often. The #1 challenge is…

"There are too many colors and I can’t make up my mind"

I understand the frustration. If you are trying to choose from a paint chip rack or fan guide with more than 1,000 colors and don’t know where to begin the huge selection can seem overwhelming.

The greatest challenge when picking colors for your home exteriorSurvey: What is the greatest challenge you face when it comes to selecting color for your home exterior?
However, the problem isn’t with the number of colors. The problem is that you are starting in the wrong place. Going straight to thinking about the new color whether for your roof, siding, windows, doors or trim without first taking stock of your existing colors is like skipping ahead from kindergarten to the 4th grade. Your chances of success are far less when you’ve missed those important steps in between. The same is true for picking colors.
Taking the frustration out of choosing colors begins with knowing how to hone in on what colors might work well on your home. Once you understand how to do that, you will no longer be looking at all of the colors but instead just choosing from a small range of colors that will be right for your home.  

The process is not difficult. It is basically five steps that you can easily remember by using the word FRESH:

  • Fixed Features
  • Regional Colors
  • Environment and
  • Style of the Home
  • Historic or
         Have-To-Use Colors

I’ve included details about what you will want to look at and think about for each of the five steps in the ebook: 
FRESH Home Exterior Colors ebook

Grab your copy now and say goodbye to the challenges of picking colors for your home and hello to the perfect hues for your home!