Three Slate Profiles – What’s the Difference?

At DaVinci, we have a complete range of synthetic slate materials that look natural, are easy to install, and last for a lifetime. Our synthetic slate roof tiles offer a slate look that enhances the beauty of your house while protecting it from external conditions. Our tiles are made from engineered polymer and are available in several unique colors and blends.

Our imitation slate shingles come in three main profiles, which are listed below.


Multi-Width DaVinci: These tiles offer a wide range of blends that can complement any house. There are 5 different widths and several different tones for each blend, giving a natural and beautiful look.

 Multi-Width DaVinci Slate Tiles

Bellaforté: Our Bellaforté slate polymer tiles inter-lock to one another, offering higher maintainability and durability.


Bellaforté Slate


Have a specific color in mind? If you are unable to find a blend that matches your needs, we offer an almost unlimited selection of colors in our color palette. You can use the palette to create the right color for your roof. Our project specialists can talk to you and help you figure out which slate profile and color might be right for you.