Tips to Make Bellaforté Installation Even Easier!

Over the past 3 years of working with Bellaforté and inspecting various installations I have observed the following common mistakes.

    • Starters installed without a gap: There must be a gap between the starters. While 3/8″ is optimal, 1/4″ to 1/2″ is fine. I constantly see installations where the starters are installed “tight” or without a gap.


    • Transition tiles not used: Transition tiles must be used at all metal transition points or where courses need to be adjusted. These can be tiles that are modified on site or purchased specifically from DaVinci. When transition tiles are not used, and the ledge remains on the back of the tiles at these transitions, the underlying materials will cause tiles to appear lifted.


    • Incorrect alignment of underlying tiles: The self aligning ledge must lie correctly along the top of underlying tiles. Installers must insure that the tiles are lying correctly. If this is not watched, unsightly gaps and or broken tabs can result.


As well, this video offers some great installation tips and techniques.



By following these tips, your installation will be much easier and look great!