DaVinci Roofscapes: Who is on the Other Side of the Phone Line?

At DaVinci Roofscapes we specialize in the "custom" part of customer service. Danielle Wiese, one of our project specialists, provides individualized attention for every caller. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call her … she's ready to spend quality time to help you feel comfortable about your roofing decision.

Q: Danielle, about how much time do you spend on the phone with an individual?

A: On an average, I'd say about 35 minutes for a first-time caller. These are people who need product information, literature, samples, contractor referrals, distributor information and things like that. After a first call, it may drop down to 15-20 minutes for follow up calls.

Q: That's a lot of time on the phone. What can people expect when they call DaVinci?

A: First of all, we listen. We learn about why they're calling and then we support them with whatever needs they have. Some people need to connect with a contractor. Others need color selection assistance. Roofers may have slope questions. Homeowners may have pricing questions. We handle everything.

Q: Are most phone calls a "one and done" type of thing?

A. Absolutely not. Most times we help people as they progress through the stages of product information to roof selection to decision time. There was one Nebraska homeowner that I started with in June. We spoke on numerous occasions until her DaVinci roof was installed in August.

Q: Share some secrets … what product do people call about the most?

A: That's easy — our shake profiles in Tahoe and Mountain color blends. Bellaforté products are a common request. In the last few months I've definitely seen an increase in calls related to DaVinci EcoBlend products. Homeowners seem to want to know more about eco-friendly and energy saving roofs.

Q: Finally, what do you do on your "off hours" to relax?

A: Travel! My recent trip to Belize was magical. I can't wait to visit New Orleans and northern California in the future. I'm originally from Dallas, so I've now got the travel bug. The funny thing is, when I'm traveling, one of my favorite habits is to check out the roofs on homes and structures!


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