Top Installation Tips from Our Tech Guru!

Tim Gentry, also known as our Technical Guru, has been with DaVinci since day one. And before he was with DaVinci he owned and operated a roofing installation company. He also grew up installing roofs with his father in the Tahoe region.  So, to say that Tim knows only a thing or two about how to install a roof, would be an understatement.

DaVinci Installation TipsTim was instrumental, and continues to be instrumental, in the design of DaVinci synthetic slate roof shingles and synthetic shake shingles. His perspective as a roofer helps us to make a product that is not only great for the home or building owner, but also great for the roofer.

Often times, roofers that are not as familiar with our product can get stumped on how to approach a certain area of a roof with our tiles. While almost every installation technique is covered in our installation guides, you can also find top installation roofing tips from Tim on his blog.

Here are some of his more recent postings.

Are you a contractor installing our product? What questions do you have about installing our products? You might also enjoy exploring DaVinci's YouTube channel where we cover installation tips and tricks as well.