Torn Between Slate or Shake…

I am debating between Bellaforté Shake or Multi-Width Slate. I am not finding a color in the shake that I think will go well with my house. I love the blues in the European multi-width slate. I just am confused if my house (18th Century Williamsburg Colonial) would look better with a shake or slate look. When I was building my house, I tried very hard to stay true to that time period. I have had my shake roof for 23 years, but think perhaps the blues in the slate will complement the blues in my brick/shutters. Or will it be too busy? The slate seems a little "cleaner" looking. Please help!

Leslie Hickey
Burr Ridge, IL
Product: Not sure – slate or shake?


Dear Ms. Hickey,

I appreciate you wanting to keep the integrity of the style of the home. Either the shake or slate profile would be appropriate in this case. Shake was widely used on the homes in Williamsburg but many of the larger buildings such as the Governor's Palace featured slate.

While any of the DaVinci Roofscapes products will give your home a refreshed look, going with a slate profile will be a more noticeable update, which can be nice when you are replacing your roof. 

Any of the profiles could work on your home but I like the size (slate) and texture (shake) of the Bellaforté product. Either would work very well on your size home.

I can see why you would like the European blend with your shutters however when selecting a roof color, your primary focus needs to be on finding a color that works well with your brick. You may decide to change your shutter color but your brick is a permanent element as is a roof with a lifetime warranty. These two elements must work well together first. Then you can look at how the color of the roof works with other elements.

In the photos it looks like you brick has a gray colorcast but it may be more brown. It is difficult to see true color in a photograph. It is best for you to look at the roof colors while standing in front of your home to determine the best blend. Here is a link to an article that explains colorcast that will show you what that is all about and show you examples of several different types of brick matched to roof colors:

I also have an ebook available – {FRESH} Home Exterior Colors – that I think you will find helpful. If you haven't already downloaded it from the website you can find it here:

Attached you will see the slate and shake profiles and colors I recommend you consider for your home. 

I hope this information is helpful as you make your decision.

Best regards,

Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

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