Use DaVinci to Restore Your Historic Roof

DaVinci SlateStructures that have historic significance often require specific materials to preserve their timeless beauty and historic architecture. Consequently, not just any paint, foundation, framing, roof or accent will do. Roofing can be particularly challenging when it comes to historic buildings. The design features, slope and details must not be compromised. Whether you have a museum, university, church or historic monument to renovate, DaVinci plastic roofing materials will match the textures, hues and character of any historic roof. Our materials coordinate so perfectly, that you’ll hardly believe you replaced the old roof!

All of our products are lightweight so your contractor won’t need to conduct elaborate structural analysis to consider any extra load the new roof will add to the existing structure. This means more savings for you and quicker renovation time. You can confidently select from our slate and shake products knowing you are getting the best materials in the industry.

Another excellent feature with DaVinci Roofscapes materials is their energy efficiency. Many historic buildings were not built with a “green concept” in mind and as a result use a considerable amount of energy. When you renovate with DaVinci green roofing materials, you are choosing a material that has a long service life and that is energy efficient. All of our products are 100% recyclable so you won’t have to worry about excessive disposal costs. With our 50-year warranty, the historic beauty of many buildings is preserved for longer period of time without showing signs of wear and tear. This means less maintenance costs and less disruption during the life-cycle of the building.
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