What Color is Best for Our Home?

What color do you think will look best on our home…stone and current roof thick shingles?

John Denton
Amarillo, TX
Product: Bellaforté


Dear Mr. Denton,

My recommendation is to go with a roof that is lighter than the one currently on your home. A lighter color without too much variation in the tones will work best with the brick color and pattern.

It is difficult to see the colors in the brick well but I recommend taking a look at a blend of Medium Tan and Dark Tan or 1-3 tones of Chesapeake.

Keep the variation in colors subtle as to not compete with pattern in the brick. Either slate or shake will work and since you didn't say which you preferred I am showing you both.

I would also consider a mid-tone color for your shutters when you get ready to change them to blend with the overall look. You could also continue your light neutral trim color along the peaks of the roof rather than the dark you have now. This will draw the eye upward and enhance how the front of your home is perceived as visitors approach.

I hope that helps you to select your color.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert