What Color Is Best with Our Siding?

We are interested in putting DaVinci slate on roof over a wall with James Hardie lap siding. The siding is James Hardie color, evening blue. We were wondering what color you think would look good with this.

Nate King
Shawnee, KS
Product: Multi-Width DaVinci Slate

Dear Mr. King,

Without knowing anything more about the home I am going to give you two possible directions you can take.

With the JH Evening Blue you could go with a cool gray Slate blend. Since the siding color is medium to dark I suggest having at least a portion of the tiles in light to medium gray. I am showing a 3-color light, medium and dark gray blend.

Or you can go with the warm Brownstone blend. This will complement the blue and work well if other elements on the home have warm undertones or colorcasts.

For more details on what to consider as you make your selection I suggest that you download a copies of my free ebooks. They give you a step-by-step method for making sure you select the perfect exterior colors for your home. You can download them on the DaVinci website – click here.

I hope that helps point you in the right direction. Enjoy your new roof.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert