What Color Roof is Best for Our Home?

What color is the best for our home? The house is sage green with cream trim and pepper corn black shutters.

Douglasville, GA


Hello Tanya,

You have a nice home that I think will be even nicer with a roof tile that makes a statement. I am recommending the DaVinci Bellaforté shake tiles. They will blend beautifully with the style of your home and your setting. The Bellaforté has a natural look to the texture that will add an extra element of design that you do not have with your current shingles.

As for the color I looked at several. My first thought was the Harbor Gray and while it would look just fine I think a slightly darker color would be a bit better. I have made two suggestions depending on what you like.

If you like gray consider the Slate Gray or a blend that is predominately that color. If you like a warmer tones, I would suggest Abruzzo. It leans more brown but would still work with your black shutters. While you don't say the brand I believe the peppercorn black is a brownish black more than a true black and if so that would be perfect with the Abruzzo. Either of these directions will work well with your current sage green main color and just about any color you might decide to go with in the future.

Your customer care person will be able to provide samples and additional guidance. I hope that helps to get you started. I'd love to see pictures of your finished roof.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert