What Color Shake for My Virginia Home?

I am wondering about color of these shakes for my house. I have enclosed a picture of the house.

Betsy Murphy
Round Hill, VA
Product: Polymer Shake


Dear Ms. Murphy,

A DaVinci Roofscapes Shake product will look great on your home.

With the stone on your home I am recommending that you select a roofing color that has tones that blend with the colors in the stone. Two blends to consider are Bellaforté Shake in Tuscano and DaVinci Shake in Chesapeake.

Tuscano plays up the warm brown and orange tones in the stone. It has a natural look that will tie into the surrounding landscape as well as to your home. With this blend I would stay with neutral siding, light trim and medium to dark for the shutters and front door. The shutters could be a deeper shade of the darkest tile in roof blend. This would help to visually connect the roof and stone. For the front door you could select a color that contrasted such as a deep blue green, or light navy; Or play up the warm tones in the stone and roof by going with a rich terra cotta or red/orange. It would also help the front door to be a focal point if you painted the trim and panels around the sidelights to match the trim rather than the front door.

An alternate look would be to go with the grayish/greenish tones from the stone in selecting your roof color. Again make sure that the color blends with the stone. In this case the main color for the home should have a similar but lighter tone. The shutters could be a darker tone of one of the roof colors. Then the front door could be the same as the shutters or a contrasting color. This combination will also feel at home in your setting and will give your home a cohesive look.

Look at sample against the stone in natural daylight to hone in on which colors will work best and then go from there.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert