What is EcoBlend?

As a company, we understand the importance of being environmentally friendly – especially when we are making a product that covers a lot of surface area on a roof.

We also know that many home and building owners are looking for solutions that will lessen their carbon footprint. As a result, we developed and now offer our EcoBlend tiles – which are our Cool Roof colors that have been designed to help keep the building underneath the roof cool. In fact, these colors are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council and are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

EcoBlend Tiles by DaVinci

Our DaVinci EcoBlend tiles not only reflect sunlight but also reflect heat away from your home. The higher emissivity and reflectivity rates of these tiles lead to greater reductions in the cooling load, and therefore we hope help reduce your energy usage. We are always looking for ways to "go green" and this is one of the ways we believe we accomplish this goal.

Our EcoBlend® colors include:

  • EcoBlend Weathered Gray (in Medium, Medium Light, Medium Dark, Light and Dark)
  • EcoBlend Gray (in Dark, Light and Medium)

Both of these EcoBlend color options are available in all profiles – so whether you are looking for fake cedar shake roof or a manufactured slate tile, you can enjoy the benefits of our EcoBlend tiles in any profile.

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