What Is the Cost of a DaVinci Roof?

The cost of DaVinci lightweight roof systems is no secret, however, it’s not an easy answer because there are so many factors involved in the total cost of a roof installation.

DaVinci CostThe material cost of DaVinci synthetic slate shingles and DaVinci cedar shake alternative shingles is determined by:

    • The DaVinci product that you select – Multi-Width Slate or Shake, single-width Slate or Shake, Fancy Shake or our Bellaforté products.
    • The exposure at which you want or need the tiles installed.
    • The coursing you’d prefer – straight or staggered (this also depends on the DaVinci product you would like).
    • Transportation costs – DaVinci is produced in Kansas City, KS. Some distributors order truck loads of product to keep the cost per square much by saving on fuel. However, transportation costs are always a factor in the overall cost.


On top of the material costs of a DaVinci roof, you also have several other factors that may or may not influence the overall cost of your roof:

  • Labor costs – Be sure you get at least 3 bids from contractors to so you can compare recommendations and costs for all that needs to be done (start to finish) to install the new roof.
  • Underlayment costs – depending on where you live in the country, you may need ice and water shield or other heavier duty underlayments that cost more than 30# felt.
  • Metals – The metal that you use in open or closed valleys as well as standing seam metals can affect the cost of your roof.
  • Nails – The quality of nails that you use can also make a difference in the overall cost of your roof.

The best way to figure out the cost of a DaVinci roof is to get 3 different quotes from three different qualified roofers in your area.

What was the cost of your DaVinci roof?  We want to hear?  What other cost factors did you have to consider for your area of the country?