What Roof Type and Color For My House and Why?

What do you recommend for a roof type and color on my house ( picture provided ) and why?

Thank you for your recommendations in advance.

Omaha, NE
Product: Bellaforté


Hello Nagi,

The Bellaforté Slate would work very well for your home. The size of the tiles are a good match for the style of your stately home.

With the variation of color in your brick I recommend less variation in the color of your roof. You do not want the two patterns to compete. At the same time some variation will be attractive, It just needs to be subtle. Going with two or three colors in the same family will produce this effect. I am suggesting Bellaforté in Medium Light Tahoe, Medium Tahoe, and Medium Dark Tahoe as one color variation to consider.

Look at the colors next to your home and find the warm tone that is the best match with the deeper tones in your brick. Once you know which one that is your DaVinci design consultant can help you to put together an order for the right colors.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert