Who Says a Roof Can’t Be Colorful

When it comes to color choices, DaVinci offers far more options than other roofing manufacturers. After all, our company is named after a painter (ok, yes he was a sculpture, scientist and much more) – Leonardo DaVinci – and there's one thing that artists likes – that's color!

Here are some of our favorite custom color creations:

DaVinci Creates Custom Sky Blue single-widthSlate Roof for Minnesota Homeowner

Custom Color Valoré Slate

Or what about this beauty that just makes you smile?

 Best Custom Blend: Bellaforté Slate with Multi-Width Turret Custom Color Blend

Custom blend Bellaforté Slate with Multi-Width on the Turret in the same custom color blend


Or how about this gorgeous coppery green color?

custom color Bellaforté roof for the Jupiter Ocean Grand luxury condo complex

Bellaforté  slate on the Jupiter Ocean Grand luxury condo complex


How can we help you with color options for your roof? Have you visited our online color studio? There are over 49 colors to create your own custom blend.

Don't see the color you'd like? No problem, we can also create completely custom colors from scratch – even if you want a hot pink roof (be sure that's HOA approved), we can probably make that work.

Did you know that you can send in a picture of your home or building and ask Kate, our color expert, what roof color and profile she would recommend based on the architecture and existing colors already on the home or building?