Win $5K & Shake Up Your Home Exterior From The Top Down

Need color? Enter the 2014 “Shake it Up” Exterior Color Contest by “liking” the DaVinci Roofscapes Facebook page for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize to add color to your home exterior!

Bellaforte Imitation Slate Black RoofBellaforté in Slate Black

All you have to do is submit a picture of your home along with up to 250 words on how you’d like to improve the look of your home’s exterior. To get you inspired I’m going to show you some ways you might “shake up” the look of your home.

When choosing colors for your home’s exterior begin by looking at the roof. The color you choose for you roof needs to blend with what I call fixed features on your home. These include:

  • Foundation materials: brick, stone, stucco, concrete, etc.
  • Roofing shingles: style, color, and material
  • Chimney structures: brick, stone, or stucco
  • Porch, steps, retaining and walkways: brick, stone, cement.
  • Decks and patios: wood, brick, concrete, composite, etc.

Your features may be constructed of different materials but they will usually have a common color or color cast. Once you identify that common color, it is a sure bet that another element that has the same color, color cast or undertone of that fixed feature color will work well for your home’s overall color scheme. If you’d like to understand more I think you will find my post What Is Colorcast & Why Is It Important? helpful.

Bellaforte Slate Gray Imitation Slate Roof

Notice how the Bellaforté Slate Gray and the colors in the steps, pool surround and retaining wall all have the same colorcast. By coordinating the colors of these elements these homeowners now have an unlimited number of colors that will work for their siding color. This makes it so easy to update the paint color in the future.

But what if your home is mainly brick or stone? I recommend you use this same thinking and choose a roof color that blends or contrasts. In either case the overall colors in both the roof and brick or stone should have a similar tone.

Gray Slate

Multi-Width Gray Slate contrasts with the brick on this stately home but, as you can see, the brick color is muted or “grayed down” allowing the two colors to harmonize.

single-width Slate in Abruzzo

single-widthin the color blend Abruzzo blends perfectly with the stone on this stone home. If stone is one of the fixed features on your home you may want to pop over to my post Roofing Tile Color To Compliment Stone for more examples of colors that work with stone.

For most homes it is best if the roof color doesn’t stand apart but marries with the other colors to create a cohesive color scheme. There are times, however, when the roof color should take center stage.

Multi-width Imitation Slate Roof

On this Spanish style home Multi-Width Slate in a custom blend is the standout color. Could your roof be the focus of your color scheme?

If a new roof isn’t in your plans for ”shaking up” your home exterior, you will still need to take a good look at the color of your existing roof. The roof color is important so make sure to refer to it along with the other fixed features as you come up with the dream exterior scheme for your home.

For more tips on how to find the perfect colors for your home exterior download my two free ebooks:

Now head on over to the contest page and tell us how you’d spend the $5,000 grand prize to spruce up your home exterior!