Your Home Is Telling You What Exterior Colors To Use. Are You Listening?

People often lament that choosing exterior colors is so much harder than picking colors for an interior when just the opposite is true. When choosing interior colors there are so many factors to consider. When it comes to exterior colors the process is much simpler because your home will tell you which colors will look best. All you need to do is learn how to tune in and hear what your home is saying.

Valore fake cedar shake tiles in standard blend of Chesapeake

Just as in any good conversation, listening is a big part of the equation and the same is true when choosing colors for your exterior. To get the conversation started, begin by asking these questions and then listen to how your home responds. In the answers will be the clues to your perfect exterior colors. This will be true whether you are deciding on the blend for your sustainable roofing system or the color for your front door.

  • Question 1: What parts of the exterior are long-term or permanent? These would be things like brick or stone facade, stairs, retaining walls or even the roofing material. What color or color cast do these features have in common?
  • Question 2: What colors are common in my region? Look around your neighborhood or city. What colors or types of color are being used? Are the colors classic combinations or beachy brights? You want your home to stand out but it still needs to fit into the area where you live.
  • Question 3: How should the home respond to its surroundings and environment? Do you want it to blend in or contrast?
  • Question 4: What is the style of your home? How have colors traditionally been used on this type of home? For example, is it more common to see light siding with dark trim or vice versa? 
  • Question 5: Are there any restrictions to the colors you can use? Does a Homeowners' Association or Historic District limit your choices?

In the image above you can see how, by listening to the answers their home gave them, these homeowners found colors that complimented their home. By listening to the answers from your own home you will be headed in the right direction for your perfect color scheme. Now all you have to do is find your exact colors and decide on the placement.

Still not sure you'll be able to hear what your home is telling you? Not to worry. I have written a guide to help you, and it is yours for the asking in the DaVinci Roofscapes Color Studio. Just click here to grab a guide for translating the language of your home into plain English.