Company Overview

DaVinci Roofscapes is a leading provider of authentic-looking and durable polymer slate and shake tile roofing used for residential and commercial applications.


In 1997 company founder John Humphreys started developing the DaVinci product. From a third-generation roofing manufacturing family, Humphreys officially started DaVinci Roofscapes in 1999. After continued product research and formula engineering, the first DaVinci roofing product was installed in 2001. In 2006 the company partnered with TGP Investments, LLC to assure access to the working capital needed to support accelerating growth. All products are Made in America.

Key Products

DaVinci Slate® – Introduced in 2001, DaVinci Slate roofing tiles are modeled from actual slate and hand finished to add a craftsman's touch. A classically coarse surface and naturally rough edges imitate slate's intrinsic imperfections. Each roofing tile is a half-inch thick, twice the thickness of most other synthetic slate products. DaVinci Slate roofing tiles are available in Multi- Width and Single-Width bundles.

Multi-Width Slate is available in two popular solid and nine exclusive color blends that reproduce the classic look of a hand-sorted natural slate roof. Each bundle offers a standard mix of five individually molded tiles in widths of 6-, 7-, 9-, 10- and 12-inches. This provides a non-repeating, natural appearance that eliminates the “man-made” look found in other synthetic products. Only DaVinci offers a 4-inch shingle that can be used with roofing architectural features, saving time during installation and creating a more finished appearance. DaVinci is the only company to offer custom turret packages with pre-cut tiles specifically engineered for easy installation.

Single-Width Slate is offered as a 12-inch wide roofing tile delivering value and quality to consumers. Available in two popular solid and six exclusive color blends, the Single-Width Slate utilizes our proprietary DaVinci VariBlend® technology to form varying shades from tile to tile. These subtle shifts in hue and color mimic the appearance of natural slate.

DaVinci Shake® – Introduced in 2005, DaVinci Shake roofing tiles offer the authentic beauty of natural wood shake shingles. A 5/8-inch profile and deep-grained surface reflect the textures of rough-hewn cedar and provide a deep shadow line. DaVinci Shake roofing tiles are available in Multi-Width and Single-Width bundles.

Multi-Width Shake is offered in six color blends and features tile widths of 4-, 6-, 7-, 8- and 9- inches. Combined with the mix of straight and wavy profiles, this creates a non-repeating appearance to capture the realistic beauty of natural wood shake. In 2008 DaVinci introduced the 12-inch Valley Shake and One-Piece Hip and Ridge accessory pieces, which allow for an easier installation.

Single-Width Shake is offered as a nine-inch wide roofing tile with the appearance of hand-split cedar shake. Available in five color blends, the Single-Width Shake uses our proprietary DaVinci VariBlend technology to form varying shades from tile to tile. These subtle shifts in hue and color mimic the appearance of natural shake.

Bellaforté by DaVinci – First introduced in 2009 with the slate profile, these polymer roofing tiles feature a patented leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge. Bellaforté Shake® was launched in 2012. These polymer roofing tiles have a multi-width appearance that replicates hand-split real cedar shakes with slanted sawn edges and staggered lengths.

To reflect the appearance of genuine natural slate or real cedar shakes, the Bellaforté by DaVinci tiles make use of our proprietary DaVinci VariBlend technology to form subtle shade differences from tile to tile. The result is a composite tile roofscape that can be designed in a variety of color shades. Bellaforté tiles install quickly thanks to the product's patented features, which include a leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge. A square of Bellaforté (with 100 pieces per square) weighs under 200 pounds (Slate – 182/Shake – 190). This lower tile weight helps reduce installation time and transportation costs.

DaVinci Fancy Shake® – Introduced in 2008, DaVinci Fancy Shake roofing tiles offer a machine-sawn cedar look, providing a more refined appearance on homes than a traditional hand-split cedar shingle. A pristine roofing tile with a clean, smooth look on both sides, DaVinci's Fancy Shake is available in five unique color blends and feature widths of 5-, 7-, and 12-inches.

Key Product Attributes

  • Made with state-of-the-art UV stabilizers embedded in the polymer chemistry to create a durable synthetic roofing tile
  • Backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Roofing tiles resist curling, fading and cracking under normal conditions
  • Roofing tiles require no treatment and resist mold, algae, fungus and insects under normal conditions
  • Impervious to freeze/thaw cycles allowing for full-year installation
  • More cost effective than natural slate and shake shingles
  • Superior color fade resistance with color blended throughout each tile
  • Factory-collated with all sizes and colors in each bundle
  • Roofing tiles made from virgin resin to assure consistency of product
  • No special labor, framing or materials required for installation
  • DaVinci EcoBlend® tiles have earned the designation as an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Product. The qualified colors include EcoBlend Weathered Gray (in Medium, Medium Light, Medium Dark, Light and Dark) and EcoBlend Gray (in Dark, Light and Medium).

Product Testing

  • Rated Class A for fire retardance
  • Highest ratings for straight line wind testing at 110 mph
  • Rated Class 4 for impact resistance
  • Miami Dade County Acceptance (High Velocity Hurricane Winds)
  • TDI acceptance

Company Leadership

  • Ray Rosewall – President and CEO
  • Steve Schmitz – Chief Financial Officer
  • Tim Gentry – Vice President of Technical Services
  • Bryan Ward – Vice President of Operations
  • Michael Cobb – Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Wendy Bruch – Marketing Manager


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